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Music and Mind Live with Renée Fleming

Explore the 19-episode series featuring renowned soprano and arts & health advocate in conversation with scientists and practitioners working at the intersection of music, neuroscience, and healthcare.

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Episode 1
May 19, 2020

Music, Loneliness, and Isolation
with special guest Vivek Murthy MD, 19th US Surgeon General

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Episode 2
May 26, 2020

Community of Voices / Resource for the Future
with special guests Julene K. Johnson, PhD (UCSF), Charles Limb, MD (UCSF), and Sunil Iyengar (NEA)

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Episode 3
June 3, 2020

At Home With Children: Musical Tool Kit
with special guests Miran Lense, PhD (Vanderbilt University Medical Center) and Sara Beck, PhD (Randolph College)

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Episode 4
June 10, 2020

Integrated Approach to COVID-19 and the Mind
with special guests Deepak Chopra, MD (The Chopra Foundation) and Rudolph E. Tanzi, PhD (Mass. General Hospital/Harvard Medical School)

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Episode 5
June 16, 2020

Using Music for Health and Wellbeing during COVID-19
with special guests Wendy Magee, PhD (Boyer College of Music and Dance - Temple University) and Tom Sweitzer, MMT, MT-BC (A Place To Be)

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Episode 6
June 23, 2020

How and Why to Engage With Music Now
with special guests Daniel Levitin, PhD, FRSC (Minerva Schools at KGI) and Victor Wooten (5-time Grammy Award-winning bassist)

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Episode 7
June 30, 2020

Music, Arts, and Science -- Leadership and Collaboration
with special guests Francis S. Collins, MD (National Institutes of Health) and Deborah Rutter (Kennedy Center)

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Episode 8
July 7, 2020

The Power of Rhythm
with special guests Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead drummer, percussionist, and musicologist) and Zakir Hussain (legendary tabla virtuoso, composer, and producer)

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Episode 9
July 14, 2020

Evolution and Animal Responses to Music
with special guest Ani Patel, PhD (Tufts University)

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Episode 10
July 21, 2020

Creative Forces: Veterans, Arts, and Healing
with special guests Bill O'Brien (Creative Forces) Donna Betts, PhD, ATR-BC (Creative Forces) Sara Kass, MD (Creative Forces) and Bob Woodruff (ABC News/Bob Woodruff Foundation)

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Episode 11
July 28, 2020

Music: A Superpower for Children
with special guests Antonio Damasio, MD, PhD (USC), Assal Habibi, PhD (USC) Nina Kraus, PhD (Northwestern) and Laurel Trainor, PhD (McMaster)

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Episode 12
August 4, 2020

What do opera & hospitals have in common?
with special guests Christopher Koelsch (LA Opera), Stacy Brightman, PhD (LA Opera Connects), J. Todd Frazier (Houston Methodist Hospital’s Center for Performing Arts Medicine/CPAM) and Gail Soffer (Mindful Veteran Project)

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Episode 13
September 8, 2020

Music & Dance and Parkinson's
with special guests Randy Schekman, PhD (University of California Berkeley), David Leventhal (Dance for PD, Mark Morris Dance Group), Bin Hu, MD/PhD (University of Calgary) and Elizabeth Stegemoller, PhD (Iowa State University)

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Episode 14
September 17, 2020

NeuroArts Blueprint: A New Frontier
with special guests Susan Magsamen (Johns Hopkins Medicine/International Arts + Mind Lab), Ruth Katz (Aspen Institute) and Emmeline Edwards, PhD (NIH/National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health)

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Episode 15
September 22, 2020

Mind Games: New Tech for Music and Health
with special guests Adam Gazzaley, MD/PhD (UCSF, Neuroscape), Tod Machover (MIT Media Lab) and Grace Leslie, PhD (Georgia Tech)

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Episode 16
September 29, 2020

Music, Memory, and Alzheimer's
with special guests Dr. Coryse St. Hillaire-Clarke (NIH/National Institute on Aging), Dr. Li-Huei Tsai, PhD (MIT/Picower Institute for Learning and Memory), Dr. Concetta Tomaino, DA, MT-BC (Institute for Music and Neurologic Function) and Chris Mann (singer-songwriter)

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Episode 17
October 7, 2020

The Impact of Music: Stress, Emotion, & the Brain
with special guests Sheri L. Robb, PhD, MT-BC (Indiana University School of Nursing), Robert J. Zatorre, PhD (McGill University - Montreal Neurological Institute)

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Episode 18
October 13, 2020

Un-Loneliness – Music for Pain and Mental Health
with special guests Joke Bradt, PhD, MT-BC (Drexel University), Jeremy Nobel, MD, MPH (Harvard U./Foundation for Art & Healing) and Former US. Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy (The Kennedy Forum)

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Episode 19 - Season Finale
October 20, 2020

The Inner Voice
with special guests Stacie Aamon, MA, MT-BC, AVPT (Psychotherapist), Nina Eidsheim, PhD (UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music) and Rebecca Kleinberger, PhD (MIT Media Lab)