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The Sound Health Network brings together researchers, musicians, music therapists, music and arts organizations and other stakeholders who work at the intersection of music and health and well-being. This is a searchable directory of network participants. The listings are entirely voluntary. To add yourself or your organization, please click here.

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Display Name Organization/Affiliation Discipline/Category
Roberta S. (Bobbi) Adler Board Certified Music Therapist
Rachel Adler
UT Health San Antonio School of Nursing
Researcher, Healthcare Provider, Educator
Sherilyn Adler
Ear Peace Save Your Hearing Foundation
Health-related organization, Foundation, Educator
Georgia Agerton
University of the Pacific Music Therapy Program
Researcher, Musician/artist, Student
Kathleen Agres
National University of Singapore
Researcher, Music/arts organization, Educator
Joy Allen
Berklee College of Music
Researcher, Board Certified Music Therapist, Music/arts organization, Educator
Theresa Allison
University of California, San Francisco
Researcher, Healthcare Provider
Arlinnes Alvarez
South Florida Arts & Counseling
Researcher, Music Practitioner, Musician/artist, Healthcare Provider
Melanie Ambler
Stanford School of Medicine; Project: Music Heals Us
Researcher, Musician/artist, Healthcare Provider, Student
Edilberto Amorim
University of California, San Francisco
Researcher, Healthcare Provider
Michael Anderson
Eastman School of Music
Music Practitioner, Music/arts organization, Educator
Amanda Leanne Angleton Mireider
American Music Therapy Association
Board Certified Music Therapist, Musician/artist, Health-related organization, Government
Minori Aoki
University of California, Berkeley
Researcher, Musician/artist, Music/arts organization, Health-related organization, Student
Chris Appleton
Sewn Arts
Music/arts organization
Tristan Arnold
Ruth Asawa School of the Arts
Sara Auster
Auster Sound
Music Practitioner, Musician/artist, Educator
Megumi Azekawa
University of Washington
Researcher, Board Certified Music Therapist, Musician/artist, Student
Joseph Babatunde Musician/artist, Student
Peter Baguma Researcher, Educator
Peter Baguma
Makerere University