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The Sound Health Network clearinghouse currently represents a database of key scientific publications on music and health research. Contributors of these publications include the Sound Health Network team, researchers who participated in Sound Health strategic meetings, and researchers who have received funding for music and health research from the National Endowment for the Arts or National Institutes of Health. This database will be updated frequently and will expand to include content such as news articles, fact sheets, and policy briefs.

Search parameters can be modified using the drop-down menus, and results are available for download. If you have any questions about the clearinghouse or have suggestions for additions, please contact us.

If you have difficulty accessing an article, please email the first author.

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Citation Type of Publication
von Schnehen A, Hobeika L, Huvent-Grelle D, Samson S.  2022.  Sensorimotor Synchronization in Healthy Aging and Neurocognitive Disorders.. Front Psychol. 13:838511. Journal Article
Colverson AJ, Trifilio E, Williamson JB.  2022.  Music, Mind, Mood, and Mingling in Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias: A Scoping Review.. J Alzheimers Dis. Journal Article
Matziorinis AMaria, Koelsch S.  2022.  The promise of music therapy for Alzheimer's disease: A review.. Ann N Y Acad Sci. Journal Article
Liou KT, Lynch KA, Nwodim O, Popkin K, Greene JS, Atkinson TM, Bradt J, Mao JJ.  2022.  Comparison of Depressive Symptom Outcomes in Hospitalized Adult Cancer Patients Receiving Music Therapy or Massage Therapy.. J Pain Symptom Manage. 63(2):e155-e159. Journal Article
Gassner L, Geretsegger M, Mayer-Ferbas J.  2022.  Effectiveness of music therapy for autism spectrum disorder, dementia, depression, insomnia and schizophrenia: update of systematic reviews.. Eur J Public Health. 32(1):27-34. Journal Article
Vuust P, Heggli OA, Friston KJ, Kringelbach ML.  2022.  Music in the brain.. Nat Rev Neurosci. 23(5):287-305. Journal Article
Jungblut M, Mais C, Binkofski FChristoph, Schüppen A.  2022.  The efficacy of a directed rhythmic-melodic voice training in the treatment of chronic non-fluent aphasia-Behavioral and imaging results.. J Neurol. Journal Article
Hennessy S, Mack WJ, Habibi A.  2022.  Speech-in-noise perception in musicians and non-musicians: A multi-level meta-analysis.. Hear Res. 416:108442. Journal Article
Rodgers-Melnick SN, Lin L, Gam K, Carvalho ESouza de S, Jenerette C, Rowland DY, Little JA, Dusek JA, Bakshi N, Krishnamurti L.  2022.  Effects of Music Therapy on Quality of Life in Adults with Sickle Cell Disease (MUSIQOLS): A Mixed Methods Feasibility Study.. J Pain Res. 15:71-91. Journal Article
Hernandez-Ruiz E.  2022.  Music to decrease anxiety in college students during the COVID-19 pandemic.. Arts Psychother. 80:101953. Journal Article


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