Orange faces

Julene Johnson, PhD
Network Co-Director

Dr. Julene Johnson

Dr. Julene K Johnson is a cognitive neuroscientist with an undergraduate degree in music. She is a Professor

Charles J. Limb, MD
Network Co-Director

Dr. Charles Limb

Dr. Charles Limb is the Francis A. Sooy Professor of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and the Chief

Sheri L. Robb, PhD, MT-BC
Music Therapy Co-Investigator

Dr. Sheri Robb

Dr. Sheri L Robb is an Indiana University School of Nursing professor with international recognition for

Indre Viskontas, MM, PhD
Communications Core Co-Investigator

Dr. Indre Viskontas

Dr. Indre Viskontas is a neuroscientist, opera stage director and science communicator across all

Sarah Thompson, PhD, MT-BC
Executive Director

Dr. Sarah Thompson is an award-winning, board-certified music therapist with extensive experience in

Brianna Colado
Acting Project Coordinator

Brianna Colado is the acting project coordinator for the Sound Health Network. In her role, she provides critical

Karen Barrett, PhD
Scientific Analyst

Dr. Karen Barrett

Dr. Karen Chan Barrett is an auditory cognitive neuroscientist and the Scientific Analyst for the

Patpong Jiradejvong, MS
Data Systems Analyst

Patpong Jiradejvong

Patpong Jiradejvong is an engineer and the Data Systems Analyst for the Sound Health Network,

Chérmelle D. Edwards
Social Media Manager

Chérmelle D. Edwards

Chérmelle D. Edwards is a writer, photographer and cultural strategist working across the platforms of