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Affinity Groups

The goals of Affinity Groups for the Sound Health Network are to:

  • facilitate connections among stakeholders who have a mutual interest in music and health
  • facilitate cross-disciplinary communication and collaboration (e.g., researchers, music therapists, musicians)
  • provide a forum to discuss topics of interest (e.g., appropriate control conditions, study designs, music interventions, training)
  • build community and provide support

Student Affinity Group


Rebecca Menza
UCSF Nursing PhD program
Student Affinity Group Lead


Rebecca Menza is a PhD candidate studying at UCSF under the mentorship of Drs. Julene Johnson and Heather Leutwyler (UCSF), Dr. Jill Howie-Esquivel (UVA), and Dr. Xiao Hu (Duke). For her doctoral work, Rebecca is using




Clarissa Karlsson
Drexel Creative Arts Therapies PhD program
Student Affinity Group Co-Lead


Clarissa Lacson is a PhD candidate examining interdisciplinary collaboration between pediatric music therapists and their multidisciplinary team members under the mentorship of Drs. Joke Bradt, Rose-Ann DiMaria-Ghalili,


If you are interested in getting more involved in the Student Affinity Group, please create a Profile in the Sound Health Network Directory and identify yourself as a student (as your “discipline”).  We hope to host a virtual introductory chat on the SHN virtual networking platform in the fall.