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The Sound Health Network clearinghouse currently represents a database of key scientific publications on music and health research. Contributors of these publications include the Sound Health Network team, researchers who participated in Sound Health strategic meetings, and researchers who have received funding for music and health research from the National Endowment for the Arts or National Institutes of Health. This database will be updated frequently and will expand to include content such as news articles, fact sheets, and policy briefs.

Search parameters can be modified using the drop-down menus, and results are available for download. If you have any questions about the clearinghouse or have suggestions for additions, please contact us.

If you have difficulty accessing an article, please email the first author.

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Citation Type of Publication
Said PMartins, Abramides DVenturini.  2020.  Effect of music education on the promotion of school performance in children.. Codas. 32(1):e20180144. Journal Article
Lin X, Mahmud S, Jones E, Shaker A, Miskinis A, Kanan S, Kim J-H.  2020.  Virtual Reality-Based Musical Therapy for Mental Health Management. 2020 10th Annual Computing and Communication Workshop and Conference (CCWC). Conference Paper
Payne PD, Lewis W, McCaskill F.  2020.  Looking Within: An Investigation of Music Education Majors and Mental Health. Journal of Music Teacher Education. 29:50-61. Journal Article
Perkins R, Mason-Bertrand A, Fancourt D, Baxter L, Williamon A.  2020.  How Participatory Music Engagement Supports Mental Well-being: A Meta-Ethnography.. Qual Health Res. 30(12):1924-1940. Journal Article
Gee KA, Hawes V, Cox NAlexander.  2019.  Blue Notes: Using Songwriting to Improve Student Mental Health and Wellbeing. A Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial.. Front Psychol. 10:423. Journal Article
Chabot J, Beauchet O, Fung S, Peretz I.  2019.  Decreased risk of falls in patients attending music sessions on an acute geriatric ward: results from a retrospective cohort study.. BMC Complement Altern Med. 19(1):76. Journal Article
Wesseldijk LW, Ullén F, Mosing MA.  2019.  The effects of playing music on mental health outcomes.. Sci Rep. 9(1):12606. Journal Article
Cordi MJasmin, Ackermann S, Rasch B.  2019.  Effects of Relaxing Music on Healthy Sleep.. Sci Rep. 9(1):9079. Journal Article
Robinson C, Seaman EL, Montgomery LT, Winfrey A.  2018.  A Review of Hip Hop-Based Interventions for Health Literacy, Health Behaviors, and Mental Health.. J Racial Ethn Health Disparities. 5(3):468-484. Journal Article
Jensen A, Bonde LO.  2018.  The use of arts interventions for mental health and wellbeing in health settings.. Perspect Public Health. 138(4):209-214. Journal Article


Download Search Results (CSV)