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The Sound Health Network clearinghouse currently represents a database of key scientific publications on music and health research. Contributors of these publications include the Sound Health Network team, researchers who participated in Sound Health strategic meetings, and researchers who have received funding for music and health research from the National Endowment for the Arts or National Institutes of Health. This database will be updated frequently and will expand to include content such as news articles, fact sheets, and policy briefs.

Search parameters can be modified using the drop-down menus, and results are available for download. If you have any questions about the clearinghouse or have suggestions for additions, please contact us.

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Citation Type of Publication
Barrett KChan, Ashley R, Strait DL, Kraus N.  2013.  Art and science: how musical training shapes the brain.. Front Psychol. 4:713. Journal Article
Slater J, Tierney A, Kraus N.  2013.  At-Risk Elementary School Children with One Year of Classroom Music Instruction Are Better at Keeping a Beat. PLOS ONE. 8 Journal Article
Coster WJ.  2013.  Making the best match: selecting outcome measures for clinical trials and outcome studies.. Am J Occup Ther. 67(2):162-70. Journal Article
Fairhurst MT, Janata P, Keller PE.  2013.  Being and feeling in sync with an adaptive virtual partner: brain mechanisms underlying dynamic cooperativity.. Cereb Cortex. 23(11):2592-600. Journal Article
Tilt AC, Werner PD, Brown DF, Alam HB, Warshaw AL, Parry BA, Jazbar B, Booker A, Stangenberg L, Fricchione GL et al..  2013.  Low degree of formal education and musical experience predict degree of music-induced stress reduction in relatives and friends of patients: a single-center, randomized controlled trial.. Ann Surg. 257(5):834-8. Journal Article
Button KS, Ioannidis JPA, Mokrysz C, Nosek BA, Flint J, Robinson ESJ, Munafò MR.  2013.  Power failure: why small sample size undermines the reliability of neuroscience.. Nat Rev Neurosci. 14(5):365-76. Journal Article
Good M, Albert JM, Arafah B, Anderson GCranston, Wotman S, Cong X, Lane D, Ahn S.  2013.  Effects on postoperative salivary cortisol of relaxation/music and patient teaching about pain management.. Biol Res Nurs. 15(3):318-29. Journal Article
Wong PCM, Ciocca V, Chan AHD, Y Y Ha L, Tan L-H, Peretz I.  2012.  Effects of culture on musical pitch perception.. PLoS One. 7(4):e33424. Journal Article
Janata P, Tomic ST, Haberman JM.  2012.  Sensorimotor coupling in music and the psychology of the groove.. J Exp Psychol Gen. 141(1):54-75. Journal Article
Pölkki T, Korhonen A.  2012.  The effectiveness of music on pain among preterm infants in the neonatal intensive care unit: a systematic review.. JBI Libr Syst Rev. 10(58):4600-4609. Journal Article


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