Adrienne Flight

Board Certified Music Therapist
Organization/Affiliation (no abbreviation): 
Berklee College of Music
Boston, MA 02115
United States
Short biography and a description of your interest(s) in music and health: 
Adrienne Flight, MMT, MT-BC, is an assistant professor at Berklee College of Music and a Ph.D. candidate at Lesley University. Her area of research interest is in the development of research skills and engagement. She is the clinical advisor at Brookline Music School, where she also has a clinical practice. In addition to this work, she serves on the advisory board of the Berklee Institute for Accessible Arts Education. She has held various roles on the board of the New England Region of the American Music Therapy Association, currently serving as Immediate Past President. She has training in neurologic music therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention.
music therapy; music therapy education; music therapy research