Project Title: 

AMEND: Assessment of Music Experiences in Navigating Depression

Funding detail: 
NEA Research Lab
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Principal Investigator: 
Joanne Loewy
Project summary: 

The Assessment of Music Experiences in Navigating Depression (AMEND) lab at Mount Sinai Health System's Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine, in partnership with Carnegie Hall's Weill Music Institute, will measure the social-emotional benefits of music participation in individual and group settings, specifically for individuals across the lifespan and who have clinical depression. Subpopulations of interest are children, teens, and college students; first-time parent(s) of pre-term infants; and older adults with neurologic diseases.

Using mixed-methods research approaches, the lab will conduct a series of studies examining the impact of music through various modes of engagement, including music concerts and music therapy sessions. Comparison-group studies of standard care without music engagement also will be conducted. Pre- and post-intervention data will be collected from participants on outcomes such as depression and resilience, mood and affect, sleep quality, and quality of life. Additional data will be collected to understand contextual factors such as participants' prior levels of experience working with music.

Planned research products include a lab website, recordings of "well-being" music concerts held for the participants, research articles, conference presentations, and a standardized assessment tool and manual that will inform creative arts therapists and other healthcare professionals about the impacts that music engagement may have for depression. Additional partners include Cooper Union, Third Street Music School, Young Adults Institute, and Lincoln Center Moments.

Other Key Personnel: 
  • Angela Diaz
  • Manuel Bagorra
  • Nthan Goldstein