Anne Marie Peterson

Music/arts organization
Organization/Affiliation (no abbreviation): 
Wisconsin Intergenerational Orchestra
Wauwatosa, WI 53236
United States
Short biography and a description of your interest(s) in music and health: 
Anne Marie Peterson, MM, Northwestern University, is one of the founders and Artistic Director of the Wisconsin Intergenerational Orchestra. WIO (the Wisconsin Intergenerational Orchestra) is a fairly new non-profit multi purposed organization with a mission to use music to build a diverse and inclusive community. We believe that making music contributes enormously to our personal well being, and sharing our music with audiences is an opportunity to bring beauty, peace and healing into our world.

Collaboration Interests: 
We are seeking vibrant partners to make music with. As an example, our last concert brought the orchestra together in performance with The Amazing Grace Chorus, a marvelous gospel choir comprised primarily of Alzheimers patients. This was a remarkable collaboration. Our Outreach Program brings music to those who would not otherwise be able to attend live performances. We hope to do much more work in the exploration of health and music. Sadly, our activities have been suspended due to COVID. We plan to relaunch in September 2021.
Orchestra, multi generational, community based, inclusive, diverse, educational, collaborative