Project Title: 

Cognition and Coordination Across the Lifespan in Music (CALM)

Funding detail: 
NEA Research Lab
University of South Florida
Principal Investigator: 
Jennifer Bugos
Start year: 
Project summary: 

The project will include the design and implementation of a research agenda to addres the following questions: a) What are the effects of music training interventions on music achievement, bimanual coordination, exeuctive functions (a set of mental skills that include working memory, flexible thinking nad self-control)_ and attention across the lifespan; b) What are the most effective neurocognitive transfer and technologies to measure those outcomes?; c) BHow much training is necessary to generate sustainable benefits?; d) How do learning-related outcomes vary by age,SES, other demographc/behavioral patterns, and by health/disability status; and e) What are the benefits and rleated outcomes for specific music. approaches to arts learning in formal or informal settings? The keystone study will examine the effects of fine motor learning (piano instruction), gross motor learning (percussion instruction) and no motor learning (music appreciation) in a randomized sample of children, young adults and older adults.  The study will use standardized measures of music achievement, executive functioning, attention and motor skills assesesd prior to participation, as well as at follow up intervals of 1, 2, and 3 months.