Jennifer Hicks

Board Certified Music Therapist
Organization/Affiliation (no abbreviation): 
Joyful Noises LLC
TUCSON, AZ 85716
United States
Short biography and a description of your interest(s) in music and health: 
Jennifer Hicks, MMT, MT-BC, E-RYT (she/her/hers) is a board-certified music therapist, a licensed music educator, an experienced registered yoga teacher, and the owner of Joyful Noises LLC. Jennifer specializes in working with groups of adults with mental health and substance use disorders and in mentoring music therapy students and professionals through her MT Mentor membership group and podcast. Her vision is to create courageous communities that encourage cultural humility, lifelong learning, gratitude, and living in the AND* to inspire joy and wholistic wellness. Her mission is to use her foundation of music therapy and mindfulness-based principles to:
• Inspire and empower students, professionals, and clients to experience and create joy in their lives through living in the AND* and through prioritizing wholistic wellness,
• Create courageous communities built on cultural humility, where ALL are welcomed and encouraged to grow and where cultural intersectionalities are explored and honored, and
• Support the music therapy community as we seek to move our profession forward through guest lectures, presentations, supervision, and service.

Jennifer is also Co-Chair for the AMTA Commission on the Education and Clinical Training of 21st Century Music Therapists and a member of the World Federation of Music Therapy Commission on Clinical Practice. Jennifer received the Music Therapy Association of Minnesota’s 2018 Service Award and is a frequent presenter at local, regional, and national conferences.

* Living in the AND embraces complex and nuanced non-dualistic thinking and belief.