Katarzyna Grebosz-Haring

Organization/Affiliation (no abbreviation): 
Paris Lodron University Salzburg / University Mozartuem Salzburg
5020 Salzburg
Short biography and a description of your interest(s) in music and health: 
Katarzyna Grebosz-Haring is a systematic musicologist, music educator and music therapist based in Salzburg, Austria. She is currently a senior scientist in the Focus Area ‘Science and Art’ at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg and the Mozarteum University Salzburg. She has directed several empirical studies on the social and psychological meanings of music and art. Her main research interests are systematic-empirical approaches in music research, the clinical and educational application of music and art, and the mediation of music. She is a member of the Royal Society for Public Health. She has authored numerous interdisciplinary publications in SAGE, Routledge, Elsevier and others. See: https://uni-salzburg.elsevierpure.com/en/persons/katarzyna-grebosz-haring-5
Collaboration Interests: 
Seminars, Workshops, Lectures, Research Projects
music, arts, health, wellbeing, medicine