Laken Emerson

Music Practitioner
Music/arts organization
Organization/Affiliation (no abbreviation): 
Fort Smith Symphony
Fort Smith, AR 72913
United States
Short biography and a description of your interest(s) in music and health: 
Starting summer 2021, the Fort Smith Symphony offices will be housed by the Arkansas Colleges of Health Education in their Health and Wellness Research Institute to study the intersection of music and health. Projected outcomes include using music to improve public health, childhood and medical education infused with lifelong music practice, and increased access in both live music and personal health.
Collaboration Interests: 
The Fort Smith Symphony is positioned to assist in national research initiatives with Arkansas Colleges of Health Education and Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine, while also dedicated to the health and improvement of our immediate community in the Arkansas River Valley. We exist as an educational tool as well as a promotion of international culture by use of a live orchestra; our collaboration interests include childhood education in lifelong health and music making, increased music and health accessibility (separate issues of the larger "luxury items" myth), and the use of music practices in medical training.
Symphony, osteopathic medicine, public health, community, community health, music education, classical music, symphony