Maura Boyce

Music/arts organization
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JoyRx | Children's Cancer Association
Portland, OR 97210
United States
Short biography and a description of your interest(s) in music and health: 
Established in 1995, Children's Cancer Association (CCA)'s JoyRx Music program (formerly MyMusicRx) draws on the universal appeal of music to buoy spirits and energize, enabling young patients to feel Joy during the stressful and painful experiences related to extended hospitalizations and treatments for life-threatening illness.

CCA's trained staff musicians engage hospitalized kids of all ages and diagnoses, allowing them to choose the “music medicine” experience that best fits their current emotional place and desired mood.

No-cost bedside and virtual program options are available and tailored for one-on-one or group music experiences. Young patients can choose to watch a live music session, request a song, sing along, engage in music lessons, and even grab an instrument to join the band—whatever feels right and brings Joy to them in the moment.
Collaboration Interests: 
research, pediatric hospital and/or clinic partnership
music, health, pediatric, digital, national, research, joy