Project Title: 

A Randomized Controlled Trial Utilizing the Arts to Improve Health, Resilience, and Well-Being in Individuals with Chronic Health Conditions in Underserved Neighborhoods

Funding detail: 
NEA Research Grant
Cleveland Clinic
Principal Investigator: 
Lisa Gallagher
Start year: 
End year: 
Project summary: 

To support a randomized controlled trial examining the arts' ability to improve health, resilience, and well-being in individuals with chronic health conditions. Researchers at Cleveland Clinic's Arts Medicine Institute will implement an eight-week program involving music, art, art appreciation, theater, movement, and writing; primary data will be collected with pre-, post-, and follow-up assessments of leisure activity participation, mental well-being, global health, resilient coping, and depression. Study participants, who must have at least one diagnosed chronic health condition, will be recruited from underserved neighborhoods in Cleveland or Akron, Ohio. The researchers also will conduct interviews to gather qualitative information on participants' experiences with the program, and on its impact and meaning in their lives.