Sarah Pitts

Board Certified Music Therapist
Healthcare Provider
Organization/Affiliation (no abbreviation): 
Department of Veterans Affairs, American Music Therapy Association
New Haven, CT 06472
United States
Short biography and a description of your interest(s) in music and health: 
Sarah Pitts is a board certified and licensed music therapist and certified psychiatric rehabilitation practitioner with 12 years of clinical experience mostly working with adults who have mental illness, substance use, and within criminal justice settings. She has worked in two state hospitals, a federal prison, a veteran's hospital, a psychiatric rehabilitation community setting, and a university setting. Most of her interests are in the integration of music therapy with psychiatric rehabilitation models and wellness or whole health models. She has also worked in oncology, hospice, physical rehabilitation, and with individuals who have pain management needs. She also has experience in developing music therapy programs within various settings as well as providing consultation and presentations regarding how to integrate music therapy into facilities and how to translate research into practice.

She is currently pursuing her doctorate and her dissertation interests are the intersection between music therapy and mental health recovery as well as the attitudes and knowledge of music therapists with regards to mental health recovery and psychiatric rehabilitation. She currently works as a clinical project manager overseeing national clinical trials for the Department of Veteran Affairs.
Collaboration Interests: 
I'm interested in engaging in collaboration regarding how music therapy fits into psychiatric rehabilitation services, using music therapy within re-entry and correctional systems, how songwriting and oral history traditions combine, how to use music therapy within wellness dimensions or whole health care, how to use music therapy for pain management as part of interdisciplinary care, and how to integrate music therapy research into clinical and practical practice.
mental health recovery, creative arts therapy, whole health