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The Sound Health Network clearinghouse currently represents a database of key scientific publications on music and health research. Contributors of these publications include the Sound Health Network team, researchers who participated in Sound Health strategic meetings, and researchers who have received funding for music and health research from the National Endowment for the Arts or National Institutes of Health. This database will be updated frequently and will expand to include content such as news articles, fact sheets, and policy briefs.

Search parameters can be modified using the drop-down menus, and results are available for download. If you have any questions about the clearinghouse or have suggestions for additions, please contact us.

If you have difficulty accessing an article, please email the first author.

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Citation Type of Publication
Jespersen KV, Pando-Naude V, Koenig J, Jennum P, Vuust P.  2022.  Listening to music for insomnia in adults.. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 8(8):CD010459. Journal Article
Miao S, Stewart WA.  2022.  Songwriting and Youth Self-Concept.. AMA J Ethics. 24(7):E576-583. Journal Article
Kresovich A.  2022.  An Experimental Test of Pop Music Lyrics Referencing Anxiety on Female College Students' Audience Involvement and Peer Mental Health Empathy.. J Health Commun. 27(3):192-200. Journal Article
Chmiel A, Kiernan F, Garrido S, Lensen S, Hickey M, Davidson JW.  2022.  Creativity in lockdown: Understanding how music and the arts supported mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic by age group.. Front Psychol. 13:993259. Journal Article
Evans M, Shah P, Pearson C, Bouchard D, Curry T.  2022.  Providing Music Therapy on Inpatient Mental Health Units in Canada: Reflection on Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Canadian Journal of Music Therapy. 28:44–56. Journal Article
Chua P, Gupta C, Agres KR, Nanayakkara S.  2022.  Computational Music Systems for Emotional Health and Wellbeing: A Review. SIGHCI 2022 Proceedings. Journal Article
Lee S, Allison T, O'Neill D, Punch P, Helitzer E, Moss H.  2022.  Integrative review of singing and music interventions for family carers of people living with dementia.. Health Promot Int. 37(Supplement_1):i49-i61. Journal Article
Wang F, Huang X, Zeb S, Liu D, Wang Y.  2022.  Impact of Music Education on Mental Health of Higher Education Students: Moderating Role of Emotional Intelligence.. Front Psychol. 13:938090. Journal Article
Li D.  2022.  Music Therapy in Mental Health and Emotional Diversion of Primary and Secondary School Students.. Occup Ther Int. 2022:8370682. Journal Article
Gassner L, Geretsegger M, Mayer-Ferbas J.  2022.  Effectiveness of music therapy for autism spectrum disorder, dementia, depression, insomnia and schizophrenia: update of systematic reviews.. Eur J Public Health. 32(1):27-34. Journal Article


Download Search Results (CSV)