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The Sound Health Network brings together researchers, musicians, music therapists, music and arts organizations and other stakeholders who work at the intersection of music and health and well-being. This is a searchable directory of network participants. The listings are entirely voluntary. To add yourself or your organization, please click here.

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Display Name Organization/Affiliation Discipline/Category
Shirley Duvall
General Public
Gammon Earhart
Washington University in St. Louis
Researcher, Healthcare Provider
Lauren Edwards
UAB Institute for Arts in Medicine
Music/arts organization, Health-related organization
Valerie Egan
Children's Cancer Association
Health-related organization
Terry Eldh
SoulOSoaring LLC
Music Practitioner, Musician/artist, Health-related organization
Barbara A Else
American Music Therapy Association
Researcher, Board Certified Music Therapist, Other
Laken Emerson
Fort Smith Symphony
Music Practitioner, Musician/artist, Music/arts organization, Educator
Theresa Erichsen
Virginia Commonwealth University Health System
Healthcare Provider
Clifton Ewbank
University of California San Francisco
Researcher, Healthcare Provider
Paulo Faustini
Faustini VOICE Studio and Serenades Choral Travel
Music Practitioner, Musician/artist, Music/arts organization, Educator
Heather Fellows
Huntsman Cancer Institute
Board Certified Music Therapist
Mark Ferdig
Children's Cancer Association
Music/arts organization
Alejandra Ferrer
Belmont University
Board Certified Music Therapist, Educator
Isaura Figueroa
Symphony 1
Musician/artist, Music/arts organization, General Public, Other
Frank Fitzpatrick
Musician/artist, Music/arts organization
Gisela Flanigan
Sistema Global
Music/arts organization
Renée Fleming
Renée Fleming Foundation / Kennedy Center
Musician/artist, Foundation
Adrienne Flight
Berklee College of Music
Researcher, Board Certified Music Therapist, Music/arts organization, Educator
Marcel Foster
University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine
Researcher, Music Practitioner, Musician/artist, Health-related organization, Educator
Stephanie Fowler
The University of Texas at Dallas
Researcher, Healthcare Provider, Student