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The Sound Health Network brings together researchers, musicians, music therapists, music and arts organizations and other stakeholders who work at the intersection of music and health and well-being. This is a searchable directory of network participants. The listings are entirely voluntary. To add yourself or your organization, please click here.

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Display Name Organization/Affiliation Discipline/Category
Pamela Stohrer
Music for Healing and Transition Program
David Stringham
James Madison University Center for Inclusive Music Engagement
Researcher, Music Practitioner, Musician/artist, Music/arts organization, Educator
Nancy Swanson
Northshore Music Therapy, Inc.
Board Certified Music Therapist
Yael Swerdlow
Maestro Games, SPC
Healthcare Provider, Health-related organization
Rosemary Takacs Board Certified Music Therapist
Sarah Thompson
Rehabilitative Rhythms
Researcher, Board Certified Music Therapist
Alan Thompson Board Certified Music Therapist, Musician/artist, Healthcare Provider, Educator
Alexandra Timoshenko Board Certified Music Therapist, Student
Katherine Tolford
Music Mends Minds
Music/arts organization
Concetta Tomaino
Institute for Music and Neurologic Function
Researcher, Board Certified Music Therapist, Healthcare Provider, Health-related organization, Educator
Şükrü Torun
Anadolu University Institute of Health Sciences Department of Music Therapy, Head
Researcher, Musician/artist, Healthcare Provider, Educator
Jennifer Townsend
Houston Methodist
Researcher, Board Certified Music Therapist
Livia Umeda Board Certified Music Therapist, Student
Phillip Urena Student
Clare Valenti
Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Music/arts organization
Chelsi Vanderpol
Lesley University
Juan Vasquez
Tuned, Saint Anthony Hospital
Musician/artist, Healthcare Provider
Rhea Verghese Student
Alice Vestergaard
Samuel Merritt University
Musician/artist, Educator
Anne Vitort Board Certified Music Therapist