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The Sound Health Network brings together researchers, musicians, music therapists, music and arts organizations and other stakeholders who work at the intersection of music and health and well-being. This is a searchable directory of network participants. The listings are entirely voluntary. To add yourself or your organization, please click here.

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Display Name Organization/Affiliation Discipline/Category
Alycia Sterenberg Mahon Researcher, Board Certified Music Therapist, Student
Pamela Stohrer
Music for Healing and Transition Program
David Stringham
James Madison University Center for Inclusive Music Engagement
Researcher, Music Practitioner, Musician/artist, Music/arts organization, Educator
Nancy Swanson
Northshore Music Therapy, Inc.
Board Certified Music Therapist
Yael Swerdlow
Maestro Games, SPC
Healthcare Provider, Health-related organization
Rosemary Takacs Board Certified Music Therapist
Sarah Thompson
Clinical Rhythms
Researcher, Board Certified Music Therapist
Jenna Thompson
University of South Carolina
Student, Educator
Alan Thompson Board Certified Music Therapist, Musician/artist, Healthcare Provider, Educator
Julie Thompson-Dobkin
Hidden Truths Project
Musician/artist, Music/arts organization, Health-related organization, Other
Alexandra Timoshenko Board Certified Music Therapist, Student
Katherine Tolford
Music Mends Minds
Music/arts organization
Concetta Tomaino
Institute for Music and Neurologic Function
Researcher, Board Certified Music Therapist, Healthcare Provider, Health-related organization, Educator
Patricia Tomlinson
Arts in Health Ocala Metro
Health-related organization
Şükrü Torun
Anadolu University Institute of Health Sciences Department of Music Therapy, Head
Researcher, Musician/artist, Healthcare Provider, Educator
Jennifer Townsend
Houston Methodist
Researcher, Board Certified Music Therapist
Livia Umeda Board Certified Music Therapist, Student
Livia Umeda
San Francisco State University
Researcher, Board Certified Music Therapist
Phillip Urena Student
Clare Valenti
Detroit Symphony Orchestra
Music/arts organization